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Welcome to my page on Jyotish - Vedic Astrology. Please fill in the details below for astrology consultation or send me a request at 

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1) Date of Birth in 'DD-Mon-YYYY' format.  Ex. 01-Jan-1978

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3) Place of Birth with 'City' and 'Country' Name.

4) Are you presently wearing any gemstone or following any remedy?

5) Your SPECIFIC query. What is it that you wish to seek advice for ?

6) Other details you wish to include - Short and Crisp, if possible.

7) Consultation Fee - 21 US dollars through paypal / 1100 INR through paytm
Consultation will be over phone for 30 mins to answer your queries with detailed analysis of your birth chart, highlighting your karmic debts with specific suggestions and remedies. The response time will be within 48 hrs, from the time the payment is received.

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Please try to be very specific with your queries as it will get you a clear solution for your problems. I will personally look into your chart and answer your queries. I will not send you computer generated predictions like other astrology websites, which pretty much demeans the whole concept of divine science. 

Jyotish is not simple maths where 2 and 2 is 4. In Jyotish 2 and 2 could be 3 or even 5 as well, based on various permutations and combinations. Birth chart analysis takes both time and effort so it will benefit both of us if your queries are specific. 

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