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अपने मुक़द्दर् क तो मिल हि जायेगा - ऐय खुदा वोह् चीज़् अदा कर जो किस्मत में नही

My interest in Jyotish, the divine science, goes way back to my college days, when I first started to learn it from my father, and uncles. My father was professor of physics, but with a keen interest in Jyotish, which he picked from my grandfather, and his grandfather. So you see, its pretty much in the blood. 

Engineer from a Regional College in India, I have spent more than a decade at US and Europe working as an IT consultant. Vivid traveler and a voracious reader, I devoured any astrology book I got my hands on; be it easily available international authors around the globe, or Indian authors after I moved back to India. I mentored lot of my friends and colleagues with their career and relationship issues. My 'Yankee' friends fondly tagged me as "Babaji" and I carried the nickname for a long time.

Also a sucker for human psychology, I closely studied human tendencies when doing a remedy. One major drawback with traditional astrologers is their norm to decipher the vedic scriptures, which work perfectly well if we were in eighteenth century. The scriptures are brilliant in themselves, just they need to be deciphered correctly, as per existing social conditions, norms and human limitations. 

For example - Feeding milk to snakes is extensively practiced remedy suggested for nodal issues, but don't we all already know that snakes don't drink milk. I would rather have the native chant mantra for nodes, than make them go hunt for 'Snake Charmers'. 

Another example - One of my white friend at US was suggested to chant 'Vishnu Sahastranam' everyday, as a remedy, for her marital discord - She figured out getting a divorce was an easier alternative. Nothing wrong with the remedy itself, but astrologer must consider ethnic background and person's capabilities. There are no easy fixes I agree, but you have to start slow, and with a practical approach - leading to a rational outcome.

Jyotish analysis should actually be totally karma based and suggested remedies should transform one's life, for now and ever. This could only be done by generating "Positive Karma", in parallel to any other remedies or lifestyle changes.

The change, whatever it is, has to come from within.

There are few myths about Astrology and many resonate it with voodoo or black magic stuff, which in my humble opinion is an insult to the divine science. Many others have prejudice that astrology is fatalistic. They either talk of complete surrender to their fate, or to dismiss the concept of fate all-together. I guess each one of us is entitled to be biased or opinionated, based on exposure and accumulated experiences. If you ask me, I give chance to every facet that life has to offer, before shutting down any one completely.

Jyotisha in sanskrit means "science of Life", as it reveals about our Karma, clarifying the disparity in the world. My entire Jyotish approach is Karma based, as what else could be answer for such a massive social imbalance. Through Jyotish and informed use of our free-will, we can maximize opportunities and minimize obstacles, reforming life of self, and others.

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." ― Mahatma Gandhi

People who reach out to me are sometimes in distress and pain; confused and lost; angry and vengeful; sometimes even suicidal; trying to figure out of why it happened ? and why them ? My first advice is to gather yourself up, dust off your pants and move forward. Forget the world and have faith in yourself.  If anyone in the universe can make your life better,  guess what ? - Its You. 

You have the problem - "You are the solution."

गिरते है शाह-सवार ही मैदाने-जंग मे - वो तुफ्ल क्याँ गीरेंगे जो घुटनो के बल

Articles on Karma Friendly are basics of vedic astrology. They are posted for two purposes - Give you a quick understanding of vedic astrology and it will be easier for us to interact, if you are already aware of basic terminology. They are not tutorials or manuals of vedic astrology. 

You could always reach me here for astrology consultation, or drop me a line at contact@karmafriendly.com.

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