Yoga in Astrology

I was recently asked if there's 'Ferrari Yoga' in vedic astrology. Funny as it may sound, Yoga have always been on top of the querier's list. 

Yoga is association of planets through placement, aspect, lordship or lord exchange. Yoga can be auspicious or inauspicious in nature, depending on the lordship of associated planets. When lords of trines and angular houses associate, they form many beneficial yoga, which can bestow astonishing results, if the planets involved are unafflicted. When lords of Dusthana get associated, same yoga get blemished and hardly produce good results.

I have witnessed powerful Gaja-Kesari yoga in the horoscope, where the periods of both Jupiter and Moon were mere average. Simple reason was the lordship of Jupiter and Moon, as both lorded Dusthana.

Even the house where Yoga form is also important as the yoga in trine or angular house will produce promising results, but in dusthana will either get neutralize or produce results after struggle. Similar is the concept when associated planet is yoga is retrograde, expect delays in the results.

One book I highly recommend for Yoga - 300 important combination by Shri. B V Raman.

Most Common Yoga - 

Panch Mahapursha Yoga - When one of the five planets (not luminaries) is in angular house (Kendra) from the ascendant or moon, in own or exaltation sign. Five different yoga are formed based on the planet involved - Bhadra for Budha, Ruchaka for Mars, Hansa for Jupiter, Malavya for Venus and Sasha yoga for Saturn.

Raja Yoga - Association of lords of angular house with trine lords forms Raja Yoga. Three planets simultaneously lord both angular house and Trine for particular Lagnas and are known as Yoga-Karaka. They are highly auspicious in nature. Mars for Cancer and Leo; Venus for Capricorn and Aquarius; Saturn for Taurus and Libra. 

Vipreet Raja Yoga - Lords of any Dusthana placed in any Dusthana form this Yoga. The yoga gives great rise after initial fall. Initial period of the planet is of hard work and effort but then it manifests into sudden and tremendous growth. 

Another way this yoga works is rise on the expense of others. Son coming to sudden power because of demise of his father or an employee suddenly promoted to a better position because her over bearing boss was fired.

Dhana Yoga - Association of lords of Dhana house (2nd and 11th) with trine lords form Dhana yoga. Its also formed between 10th house and 2nd house, which gives great wealth through ones profession.

Budhaditya Yoga - One of the most common yoga formed by association of Sun and Mercury. Effect of the yoga will be felt during the dasha scheme and results could vary based on the lordship and the house where yoga is formed.

Parivartan Yoga - Yoga is formed between two planets when they are in each others lordship. The effect of this yoga depends of the planets and their lordship of the associated house. If associated houses are 8th or 6th then the yoga is no good, unless it's also creating Vipreet Raja Yoga. The planets in this yoga behave as though in their own house and hence gaining considerable strength to use their power.

Shubh and Paap Kartari Yoga - Shubh Kartari yoga is formed when planet is hemmed between benefics and Paap Kartari on the contrary is when planet is hemmed between malefics. Shubh means favorable as the planets gains strength from the flanking benefics, and Paap is unfavorable as the flanking planets suck the benefic energy out of the planet in between, severely hurting its potency.

Chandra Mangal Yoga - Mars and Moon associated by opposition or conjunction, form this Yoga. Good for material gains, individual has anger issues depending on the strength of associated planets, and aspect from other planets. Strong Mars and weak moon could lead to heavy anxiety and erratic behavior, even a violent temperament. Aspect from Jupiter can prove benefic, where Saturn aspect could be destructive.

Chandaal Yoga - Jupiter conjunct Rahu form this Yoga. The Yoga could manifest in defame during the dashas of either planet. The individual with this yoga is secretive and might lead a double life.

Vaasi Yoga -
Benefic planet except moon 12th from Sun. - Smart, social, could easily cheat others but wont be very rich.