Venus in Astrology

Venus (Shukra) - Minister in the planetary kingdom, Venus signifies physical beauty and material world. Famous as morning and evening star, being second to the Sun its the brightest planet in the sky. Benefic by nature, it signifies romance, wealth, luxury, sexuality, materialistic tendency and inclination for arts music and sensuality. Attributes like passion, desire, attraction, excessive attachment and physical beauty falls under it's umbrella.

All celebrities, rockstars, famous and good looking walking the earth have a dominant Venus, mostly along with a prominent Sun. Well placed Venus translates to physical pleasures, luxuries, romance, artistic inclination and fortunes. Afflicted Venus could result in excesses, of food, sex, drugs and other tamsic habits, which could prove disastrous for the person.

Venus is in Mool Trikona in Libra, and his own sign is Taurus; he exalts in Pisces, the sign of Jupiter and debilitates in Virgo, the sign of Mercury. 

Shukra or Shukracharya, son of Great Sage Bhrigu, was the preceptor and the priest of Asuras or demons. Scholar of Vedic scriptures, he is said to have possessed the power of raising the dead. Shukracharya is the one who founded Shilpa shastra (Architecture), Vimanas (air ships), and Jyotish. 

Images (c) Nasa and Drdha Monge