Sun in Astrology

Sun (Surya) - A kshatriya planet representing warrior class, signifies Ruler or the King. Life-giver and natural Atmakarak, Sun represents leadership, pride, idealism and enthusiasm in life. Courageous, fearless, competitive and full of valor, anger, aggression, Sun is the also considered most forgiving planet. Nobility, Dignity and Authority as his natural qualities, Sun represents father who heralds wisdom and benevolence but also practicality of a harsh and strict Guru.

Sun enter Aries April 14th in Jyotish and on March 21st in western Astrology.

Technically, Sun is a star and not a planet and other planets including earth survive on the energy and gravitational pull from the sun, reflecting its light.

Sun popularly known as Surya, has 108 names few of which are Bhaskar, Ravi, Jaya, Aditya, Dinkar, Divaakar, Prabhaakar and Savitra. Surya Namaskar constitutes of 12 postures to show gratitude to Surya by praising Sun with his 12 names. There is a mantra associated with each posture and indicates salutation to Lord Sun.

Sun or Vaivasvan (Shining) is one of 12 sons of Aditi and sage Kashyap, who is grandson of Lord Brahma himself. Saturn is son of Sun from his second wife Chaya.

Scriptures describe Sun with sparsely curled hair, honey colored eyes, square body, medium height, sturdy bones, golden or coppery reddish complexion, majestic appearance with slight arrogant voice. Wearing saffron and carrying a lotus, he rides his chariot of seven horses.

Sun loves Drama and could play significant role in birth chart of Actors and theater artists. Given the circumstances and for a worthy cause, Sun could easily pull a crafty or cunning act.

Sun, the ruler of 'seasons and east direction' is natural significator of 1st, 9th and 10th house. Apart from soul, health, head, vitality and ego, it also represents both our Dharma (Sprituality) and Karma (deeds). Being a natural atmakarak, Sun creates a sense of awareness for our soul. Evolved souls will always have a well placed and un-afflicted Sun. Sun believes in nurturing and shaping the life of others but his placement in birth chart finally defines morality, ethics and principles.

Sun signifies doctors, jewelers, bankers, lawyers and when well placed denotes high administrative positions, bureaucrats, politicians, CEOs and the elites.

Afflicted Sun is the reason for all corrupt government employees and deceitful and amoral legal officials.

Sun, a stern and disciplined teacher outwardly may seem direct, ruthless and rigid, but is extremely generous, kind, royal,pure and satwic in nature.

Sun is directly related to sight and causes eye weakness when weak or afflicted. Sun is also source of Vitamin-D and regular exposure to sun is required for skin synthesis, but over exposure also causes skin cancer. Fiery in nature Sun could cause heat related diseases, skin diseases, heart attacks and circulation problems. Sun also relates to bones so arthritis or other bone disorders/deficiencies also fall under his umbrella.

Leo is his own sign and the placement gives one lot of ego, similar to Aries, where Sun exalts; he debilitates in Libra, the sign of Enemy Venus.

Sun operates majestically and represents things easily distinguishable, which are magnificent, colossal or towering like big buildings, mammoth architectures, gigantic animals etc.

Abhijit Muhurat - Abhijit is another name for Sun and Importance of the mahurat could be estimated from the fact that Coronation of any britain king happens during the mahurat. It starts 24 minute before noon and ends 24 minutes after, hence an exceptionally auspicious and powerful 48 minutes, mostly considered for worldly gains. Traditional astrologer still encourage everyone to perform most important tasks of the day during the 48 minutes period.

Native influenced by Sun will be confident, self centered, attention seeker, possess tremendous will power, fancy traveling to forests and mountains, will crave for limelight and continuously strive for high visibility roles.

Images (c) Nasa and Drdha Monge