Strength of Planets

Strength of dasha Planet in horoscope will decide, if the dasha will be cake walk or a ride uphill. Various factors determine the strength of the planet, in general and in the chart. Even the king (Sun) and queen (Moon) in Grahan Yoga, fail to deliver.

Consider a scenario where you need a favor from local minister and you decide to meet him in person. You approach the minister with application for the needed work - at two separate situations.

Situation 1 -  The minister is seated on his comfortable couch in his living room, gorgeous girlfriend by his side and close friends around applauding his humor. He is in pleasant mood because with his political party in power and supporters on his side, he feels like a King. Just about as he was cracking a joke with everyone, you approach with your application with a warm smile.

Situation 2 - The minister is at his opponent's house surrounded by opponent's sidekicks, who are cracking jokes 'at' him rather than with him. His political party is no more in power and his supporters left him in distress. For you, your work can only be approved by this local minister, so you left with no option but to approach him with your application. You can wear a warm smile but don't count on it

Which situations of the two do you think the outcome will be in your favor. In second situation, even if the local minister wants to help, he may not be in the condition to deliver it.

Strength (Bala) of Planet is very important when analyzing its effect in general or during its periods.

Other factors equal, If period of exalted and unafflicted planet is commencing soon; expect promising returns, and double your efforts and investments. On the contrary, if commencing period is of an afflicted or debilitated planet, be careful with your investments. The efforts may anyhow need to be more than usual, to create a better outcome.

Shad Bala or Six fold Strength determines the strength of a planet in the horoscope. It consists of 6 sources of strength or six Balas, and compilation of all six balas is Shadbala.

1. Sthana Bala or Positional strength

2. Dig Bala or Directional strength

3. Kaala Bala or Temporal strength

4. Cheshta Bala or Motional strength

5. Naisargik Bala or Natural strength

6. Drik Bala or Aspectual strength  

Sthana Bala or Positional strength is calculated based on whether the planet is in exaltation or debilitation sign; in mool-trikona or friendly sign; in enemy or neutral sign; and if it's in own sign in divisional charts (Vargas).

Planet is in euphoric state in exaltation (Ucha) sign, where its very powerful and influential. Second best state is being in Mool-Trikona sign, where the planet is powerful, content and in generous mood. Next favorable is planet positioned in own sign, where the planet is still powerful enough to grant positive outcomes. Planet is considered somewhat favorable in friendly sign, acts neutral in neutral signs and start to gets malign in enemy sign, being weakest, worst or most unfavorable in Debilitation (Neecha) sign.

Infancy and Old Age - There is a school of though that considers a planet fully potent only between 5 to 25 degree, in its 30 degree sign. The planet is in infancy (Balya Avastha) from 0 - 5 degree and in Old age (Vradha Avastha) from 25 - 30 degree, where the potency of the planet decreases, as degree approach the extreme ends.

Moon is at deepest exaltation at 3 degree in sign Taurus and Jupiter at 5 degree in sign Cancer. How 'bout that ?

Exaltation (Degree) - Deepest Exaltation
Mool Trikona (Degree)
Own Sign (Degree)
Debilitation (Degree) - Deepest Debilitation
Aries (0-10) - 10
Aries (10-20), Leo (0-20)
Leo (20-30)
Libra (0-10) - 10
Taurus (0-3) - 3
Taurus (3-27)
Scorpio (0-3) - 3
Capricorn (0-28) - 28
Capri (28-30), Aries (0-12)
Aries (12-30), Scorpio
Cancer (0-28) - 28
Virgo (0-15) - 15
Virgo 16 - 20
Gemini, Virgo (20-30)
Pisces (0-15) - 15
Cancer (0-5) - 5
Cancer (5-30), Sag (0-5)
Sag (5-30), Pisces
Capricorn (0-5) - 5
Pisces (0-27) - 27
Pisces (27-30), Libra (0 - 10)
Taurus, Libra (10-30)
Virgo (0-27) - 27
Libra ( 0-20) - 20
Libra (20-30), Aqua (0 - 20)
Capricorn, Aqua (20-30)
Aries ( 0-20) - 20
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