Saturn in First House

Saturn or Lord Shanidev or 'The Black Sun' is the most feared planet in astrology. The planet of Justice, limitation and introspection, who did not even spared his own father, from his hateful gaze. For his blessings can make pauper a duke, and his curse can put any King on back-foot. 

Robert E. Svoboda in his famous book 'The Greatness of Saturn' authored the famous lore of King VikramaDitya, of how the king of Ujjain known for his justice, was tormented for his entire Sade-Sati period. Due to the wrath of Saturn, the king was accused of theft in another city and beaten down to death by the guards. But as the death would have been the easy way out, his hands were chopped off and he spent his Sadde Satti period working on a oil pressing machine, in exchange for food and clothing. 

After Sadde Satti, Saturn gave Vikramaditya his kingdom back.

They fear him, worship him and write about him in reverence. Here's what other websites say about Saturn in First house. I found it interesting so posting it for your reading with due reference to the website.

"The first house stands for the way in which an individual projects personal energies onto others. This house is fundamental in defining an individual’s personality and Saturn’s presence here is particularly significant. Saturn in the first house people might have a stern exterior. People may comment, “You look so different when you smile!” When you smile the stern exterior drops. Saturn’s presence in the first house can make you more aware than others of right or wrong in a societal way. Responsibility will be a major concern in your actions. Demands from people around you will dominate your consciousness. You will probably find it extraordinarily difficult to place yourself ahead of others. Guilt and anxiety might haunt you over issues that others, without this influence, might not consider significant. This misplaced guilt and anxiety may create false sentimentality and attachment to surroundings to the point of neurosis. You are hard on yourself. Self-assertion at work and home might be stressful. Develop awareness about your guilt and anxiety attacks. Fight the guilt by thinking things through by yourself or with someone you feel comfortable with. To avoid the guilt and anxiety your best bet is to lay low and first let people around you articulate and take what they want and need. Then take what you want. It’s rather important for Saturn first house people to have spouses and partners who understand their self-assertion issue. An understanding spouse or partner will go a long way towards making life pleasant."  - CafĂ©

"Saturn is positioned in your first house, so it too becomes an important element of your personality. This placement suggests a conservative slant in your personality. You project a certain stiffness, seriousness, and determination reflected in your presentation of yourself to the world. You can become somewhat of a law unto oneself, trying to dominate others with whom you come in contact. Your disposition is serious and resolute making it hard for you ever to relax and have a good time. You are highly self-disciplined, but prone to depression at times. You have to deal with a very sharp conflict in your nature imposed by Saturn, as your demeanor can be a cover up for a shyness or an inferiority complex. Your personality is more restricted than may have been suggested by the Rising sign or by the Sun and Moon placements. This planet adds much stability to your nature, a serious side, if you will. A solid sense of self-worth may be slow to develop." -

"Saturn in the first house is not good from the perspective of health. The native usually suffers from a certain inferiority complex, which must be overcome. The sense of personal identity and self-worth is slow to develop, but in this position a solid and reliable personality is eventually bound to emerge. This is one of the more favorable positions for Saturn because the native is able to control the necessary disciplines of life. He learns to do this from the very beginning. Overcoming restrictions and limitations becomes second nature to these natives. Because they naturally move slowly and appraise situations more carefully before they jump, these natives tend to know what they need and are able to concentrate more effectively on its attainment." - Go To

"If Saturn is on the ascendant, the first house cusp, or somewhere in that vicinity, this has been called the chart of an “Early Riser.” This suggests that during the first years of this life, Saturn will be in the Formative Sector, very inwardly directed, as it moves through houses one, two, and three. At around 7 or 8 years of age, it will arrive at the fourth-house cusp, which always marks a major turning point, upward in the chart. From this point forward, for the next 15 or so years, Saturn will be rising in the chart, as it moves through the houses 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.In fact, from the time Saturn crosses the fourth-house cusp (I.C.), there will gradually be an ever-increasing sense of confidence that builds within the child, turning away from a more inward and formative time, toward a more outward and social experience. By the time Saturn reaches the 7th house cusp and moves into the upper houses, the child will be a teenager, coming into a more outward and aware time, socially, at quite an early age. This young person may very well be socially prominent, perhaps a class leader or the center of social attention. This is why this Saturn placement is called the “Early Riser.”This social momentum continues to rise until Saturn reaches the very top of chart, so around 21 years of age this person is flying high, having rising to some kind of fruition prominence early on. But we should also point out that as Saturn crests the top of the chart, this marks a turning point, the end of the rising part of the cycle and the beginning of a new cycle, as Saturn moves downward through the chart. Many early-riser types have to be counseled to let the past go, and not to attempt to drive forward, because things will not go on just as they have been – always rising.Instead, there will a turning away from what was, the past success, and, very gradually of course, learning to listen to a new, and more inner, message, a message that will grow stronger as Saturn moves downward in the chart, eventually leading to an entirely new cycle of personal investment, and eventual return.So it should not surprise us that at around 30 years of age, just as everyone else seems to be launched firmly in one direction or another, the early-riser types take a turn inward, going back to school so to speak, and gets busy building or investing, while others seem to be harvesting the results of their work. The result stage of the early rise is delayed until later in their 30s, when Saturn crosses the 4th house cusp once again, and begins to rise through the chart, bringing a new cycle of social prominence and the results of all the investment work." -

"You present yourself at first as being somewhat cautious and nervous. This can make you appear gruff and harsh. You can appear to be cold and calculating. You aren’t one to be that concerned about fashion and how you look, although you appear conventional, even if that means wearing a suit! You may shun the limelight and be almost insignificant to those who do not know you well. Yet beneath all this, you have the potential and the ability to work hard so you can succeed, even though it takes a longish time, you will at least gain your success." -

"First House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to a personal ambition to attain prominence and overcome problems regarding self-expression. Your goals include personal happiness, financial security, general well-being and personal fulfilment. In order to achieve self-sufficiency much hard work is required to overcome self-limitations. Periods of gloom and discontent are certain but eventual success will come through your ability to manage others, practical ability and strenuous, protracted effort. Progress may be slow but you are sure to gain a good reputation, honour and credit through persistence, acquired ability, worldly wisdom and continual effort. A strong ego must be evolved and an agreeable social persona adopted. These qualities will enable you overcome feelings of fear and self-doubt, and to face the challenges of the outer world with courage and self-confidence – a free soul with a true sense of worth and purpose." - Astrology

Image (C) Nasa and Drtha Monge