Sade Sati

Sade Sati (शनि की साढ़े साती - One of the direst concept in Vedic Astrology. Even in most pleasant situation, One shudders from the thought of Sade Sati; the dread one carries, either from personal experiences or notions from popular allegories.

Planets in their transit around the Sun stay in every Zodiac for 1/12th of their orbit time. Orbit time for mercury is three months (88 earth days to be precise) and increases based on planets position from the Sun. Out of the three Superior Planets, Saturn being the farthest has longest orbit time of 3O years; every Sign gets their fair share of 2 1/2 years of Saturn transit.

Sade is '1/2' and Sati is 'Seven'; Seven and half period of Saturn transit over the Moon and its adjacent houses. Sade Sati begins when Saturn enters the sign prior to one's 'Birth Rashi' or Moon-Sign, and ends when the planet leaves the sign following the 'Birth Rashi'.

For Example - Say your Birth Rashi is Scorpio, which implies your moon is positioned in scorpio sign. Your Sade Sati begins the moment Saturn enters Libra and will not be over until Saturn leaves Sagittarius. 

In case your Birth Rashi is really Scorpio then you are under Sade Sati, which commenced on 14th Nov 2011; Saturn will transit to Scorpio on 2nd Nov 2014, and to Sagittarius on 26th Jan 2017. You will be under Sade Sati till 23rd Jan 2020 - the time when Saturn leaves Sagittarius and transits to Capricorn.

One should fear Sade Sati or not is personal opinion but one should be extremely careful in his dealings. Saturn is a karmic planet and planet of Justice - 'What you sow so shall you reap'. 

Under normal circumstance, running period of the planets have major impact on one's life. Read On to find out how the planets impact you at any particular moment of life. Few scholars state that when one is under the influence of Saturn, all other dashas and planets cease to deliver their results. Saturn during Sade Sati or its dashas holds the helm and orchestrates entire chart. The statement I find is partially true.

Before drawing any conclusion about the effect of Sade Sati, careful analysis of Saturns position in Rashi and Divisional charts is required. There are numerous examples where individuals went from rags to riches in their Sade Sati period. The period no doubt was excruciating to begin with, but the results were astonishing. The pay-back for their hard work was many folds, than they ever dreamed. That's Saturn ! The planet never denies the result, if the efforts are sincere. Delays, disappointments and failures are Saturn's giveaways - so is immense wealth and success. 

Saturn is planet of delays and NOT DENIAL - "You will get your due."

First cycle or 12th house Transit - 12th house represents loss, unnecessary expenditure and confinements; 2nd is the house of immediate family, resources and accumulated wealth. Saturn during his first Dhaiya ( 2 1/2 period) transits 12th house from Moon and his 3rd gaze falls on 2nd from moon. Impact is loss in terms of finance and close ones.

Second cycle or First House Transit - First represents self and 3rd represents your courage, brothers and valor. Second Dhaiya when Saturn transits directly over your moon has major impact on one's personal and professional life. Frustrations, sorrows, agitation, quarrels, illness, mental anxiety, depressions and even accidents are not uncommon in this period. Having 3rd gaze on 3rd house from self, your valor goes for a toss giving birth to unnecessary fears, and every task seems to take double the effort. Patience is the key here, as they say - 'This too shall pass'.

Third cycle or 2nd house Transit - This is the last cycle of Sade Sati. Saturn by now has tuned you enough through several and severe ups and downs, so the last cycle doesn't feel as gruesome. With 3rd gaze on 4th house, it does impacts your comfort and happiness. During the phase, be very careful with decision with respect to purchasing and disposing properties. Nothing should stop you from making decisions as its your decisions that shape your life - just an extra precaution is required.

Scriptures and Vedas quote that Saturn bestows a lot of good-bye gifts, once Sade Sati is over; I hope the individual is in a condition to enjoy those gifts.

There are various remedies to pacify and appease Saturn during its periods; the best one is to visit Saturn temple ever saturday, regularly for atleast 11 times in a row - more the better. Recite Shani Beej Mantra 108 times in front of Shani idol, and seek for his forgiveness - for his blessings will make you a 'Rockstar'.

Jai Shani Dev