Planetary Combinations for an Astrologer

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सुर्यकोटि समप्रभ
निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा 

- "O Lord Ganesha, of Curved Trunk, and Massive Body, With the Brilliance of a Million Suns, Bless me with NO-Obstacles in my endeavors, Always."

Without blessings of Lord Ganesha no-one can become a good astrologer. Jupiter is the Guru, the abundance of knowledge and wisdom, but all the knowledge is useless if not communicated efficiently. 

Imagine a very learned Scholar, blessed strongly by Lord Guru. He has read every scripture and book ever written and in the process has mastered astrology. He is admired for his intelligence and knowledge, for he seems to know-it-all. One fine trait he lacks though, is how to communicate his surplus knowledge, to the seekers of astrology. Afflicted Mercury bereaves him of Lord Ganesha's blessing. Either he sugar coats his predictions, which do no good to the native OR he is too blunt and careless in his interactions. Both will only lead him to a bad reputation. Now Imagine if he is also able to communicate effectively, nothing can stop him from becoming a renowned astrologer. 

"Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha"

Few basic requirements to become a good astrologer -

  • Required Planetary Combinations.
  • Crisp and Clear Communication.
  • 'Power of intuition' gives an edge.
  • Rational approach.

Planetary Combinations -

Lets first understand the houses (Bhava) linked to the divine science.

First House - 'Tanu Bhava' in sanskrit, is the house of self, personality, physical constitution and how the person feels about self. How others rate or consider him is from Arudha lagna, so first house is basically about self-image. For analyzing person's mental inclination or likes/dislikes, fifth house also needs to be taken in account.

Eighth house - 'Randhra Bhava' in sanskrit, is the most dreaded house in Jyotish, but also most important house for an astrologer. The house of mystery and  psychic abilities, but infamous for death-alike experiences, rebirth, major-transformations, catastrophe and Tantra related activities. Same house also indicated inheritance, enlightenment, purification, healing and spiritual liberation. It is the house of healers, and astrologers in aesthetic sense are the 'healers'.

Tenth house - 'Karma Bhava' is sanskrit, the house of your deeds, public image, social standing, mass dealings, public reputation, leadership, responsibility, duty and principles. Your profession and professional growth is studied from the house. 

These three house play major role in becoming a good astrologer. The gains from any profession is studied from your eleventh house, the house of achievements and 'fulfillment of desires'. For accumulated wealth from any profession, second house is considered.

Fifth house of creativity and mental inclination, and twelfth house of afterlife and spirits are also sometimes taken into consideration. Astrologers will exceptional psychic abilities have profound twelfth house. 

If you haven't deciphered by now and still waiting for the magic words, then here they are - Relation between the Lagna (or Lord), Eighth (or lord) and tenth (or Lord) house indicate inclination for astrology and occult sciences, both as a hobby and profession. Recognition and success in any profession requires a strong tenth house and monetary benefits can be seen from eleventh house.

Signs that resonate with occultism -
Gemini - Lorded by Mercury, is the most intellectual sign and strong and influential Gemini sign in horoscope makes good astrologer. Their keen sense of judgement, rational approach and developed investigation capabilities gives them an edge.

Aquarius -
Extremely intelligent sign and unassuming by nature, they are known for their ability to be detached from material world. Being the eleventh sign in natural zodiac, they possess amazing intuition quality.

Pisces - Twelfth in natural zodiac are naturally blessed with the power of intuition, interest in religion, philosophy and related studies.

Crisp and clear communication - 

The karaka planet for both astrology and communication is Mercury, the planet for 'Budhi' or intelligence. The planet of intellect is ruled by Lord Ganesha, who is THE source of true intellect. 

Powerful, unafflicted and well positioned Mercury, in an angular house, trine, second, third or eleventh house is considered good placement for an astrologer. Mercury under influence of Sun, Jupiter or Saturn, by conjunction or aspect could be extremely benefic for an astrologer. Saturn’s influence over Mercury gives a smart twist to mercurial intelligence, simultaneously making the astrologer patient and steady in his dealings.  As per scriptures, combined influence of Saturn and Jupiter is supposed to be excellent.

Placement of Jupiter, the natural karaka for intuition, Vedic knowledge and wisdom is also important for an astrologer. Like Mercury, Jupiter is also desired to be positioned in favorable houses like angular houses, trines, second or eleventh house. Yoga or aspect between Mercury and Jupiter is desired placement in an astrologer’s horoscope, since it motivates learner to develop interest and achieve substantial knowledge. The point to note here is that Mercury shouldn’t be in dwirdasa (2-12) or shashtashtama (6-8) to Guru which blots the basic potential of the horoscope to become an astrologer, even with other strong combinations. 

Influence of Mars, Ketu and Rahu over Mercury is supposed to add its own flavors but sometimes considered destructive for Vedic learning. Influence of waning Moon or Venus adds its own materialistic flavor, hence undesired.

Second house is the house of communication, so lord of second house unafflicted and well placed helps one with clear expression of mind. Mercury placed in second, in own of friend's house, makes one very influential speaker. Second lord under influence of Mercury and unafflicted Jupiter could grant one exceptional and fluent communication skills. Venus influence adds it's own flavor, sometimes of sycophantism if afflicted. Malefic influence on second house and lord is highly undesirable, as it could give one harsh tongue, the effortless trait for making enemies.

"The tongue is like a sharp knife, kills without drawing blood" - Buddha

Power of Intuition -

Moon and Ketu are also significant planets in an astrologer’s horoscope, as they bless the individual with psychic powers. Sometimes looking beyond the obvious is what makes a great astrologer. In astrology, 2 and 2 need not necessarily be equal to 4, the could be 1 or 3 or anything. That's why computer generated charts are hardly accurate with predictions. I encourage everyone to always get a human analysis done, if they really wish for accurate predictions. 

Moon - The karaka for mind and the mental disposition of an astrologer, hence an unafflicted Moon is extremely important for doing objective analysis of birth chart. Moon should be waxing and not in dwirdasha (2-12) or shatashtama (6-8) from the Sun. Jupiter's aspect, conjunction or any influence through nakshatra blesses the individual with wisdom and a deeper insight. Malefic influences on the other hand  could prove detrimental.

Ketu - The karaka for moksha and spirituality, blesses the astrologer with intrinsic psychic abilities, specially when placed in Lagna. Ketu is a headless body, so its functioning is pretty much dependent of its conjunct planets and lords. Other factors equal, Ketu in first, third, ninth, eleventh and twelfth house is considered a good placement, specially with an aspect of unafflicted Jupiter. Ketu being posited alone is always good, since under influence by yoga or aspect, it loses its natural tendency.

Eleventh house is the house of intuition so Moon, Mercury or Ketu posited there, with aspect of Guru is the best position.

Rational Approach -

'Where are you born' and 'To whom are you born' are two factors that play a significant role is deciding how your future will unfold. Birth charts are created based on 'when are you born', the moment believed to hold valuable information regarding the fate and characteristics of the individual. But while analyzing birth chart, due importance should be given to other two factors as well. 

For example - Two births take place around the same town, date and time; one in a mansion and other in slums. Their birth chart will be similar, but their life will be anything but similar. There life will unfold in similar fashion, but the magnitude will be totally opposite.

Desh Kaal and Paatra, the very fundamentals of Astrology are conveniently ignored by many traditional astrologers. Desh is residence or country, Kaal is time and Paatra is the character or the individual.
Western countries are not so strong-headed when it comes to divorces. Vedic astrology has recently become infamous for its negative predictions, primarily to entice clients and earn from remedial measures.

Mangal dosha and Kalsarp dosha are two most misused concepts by astrologers instigate fear. Why ? - I will leave that to your judgement.