Moon in Astrology

Moon (Chandra) - Queen in planetary kingdom, Moon signifies mind and psychic. Moon the natural satellite of earth, is the reflection of Sun and it energy. Moon being closest celestial body causes tides in fluids, both in oceans and humans. Moon is the prime player in your relationships since it affects your thought process, instincts, subconscious and everything related to your mental process. Like Sun represents father, Moon represents mother. Moon bestows us with creativity, imagination, intuitive powers, sensuality and artistic abilities.

Moon rules tides in oceans and body fluids in human, hence governs the menstrual cycle and fertility in women. Moon signifies fertility, romance, travel, memory, nourishment and relationship with mother.  

The waxing and waning cycles of the Moon effect vegetation, ocean tides, climate, the female cycle, fertility and emotional swings. Numerous statistical analysis indicate that mentally disturbed people feel more affected or aggravated during the full Moon.

Afflicted Moon is afflicted Mind and disturbance in body fluids, hence highly undesirable in birth chart. It is fair to assume that a well placed and unafflicted Moon is direct blessing from the almighty. Afflicted moon gives mental anxiety, depressions, infertility, emotional disturbances, sour relation with mother and other mental issues, which snowball into a diseased body.

A powerful and unafflicted Moon in turn will grant an intelligent, sharp, creative, sensual, productive and relaxed mind.

Cancer is Moons own house, Taurus he exalts and Scorpio is debilitates. 

Tantra Sadhana is normally practiced on the New Moon Night or Amavasya.

Images (c) Nasa and Drdha Monge.