Mercury in Astrology

Mercury (Budha) - Prince in Planetary Kingdom,  Mercury signifies intellect, communication, charm, playfulness, smooth talking with a natural flair in linguistics. Mercury is the planet of writers, astrologers, dealers, sales executives and successful businessmen.

Mercury lords Gemini and Virgo, both dual signs in the zodiac and hence has a fluctuating temperament. Being the Prince, Mercury loves fooling around day and night. 

Jupiter's intelligence should not be confused with Mercurial intellect, as Jupiter is the spiritual Guru or the pious preceptor, where as Mercury is that clever and shrewd sales guy who just sold comb to a bald guy. Both are knowledgeable and apt in their own ways.

Mercury is closest and always within 28 degrees from the Sun, thereby forming Budhaditya Yoga in majority of Charts. Mercury is used to the burns from friendly Sun, hence is least impacted by Combustion.

Afflicted Mercury gives mental anxiety and poor reasoning. Most of the illogical and irrational folks you come cross have an afflicted Mercury. Conjunction of Mercury with Mars makes one adamant and the one who accepts that his life is nothing but a clutter of stupid mistakes, has his Mercury under the influence of Afflicted Saturn.

Mercury lords Gemini and Virgo, where also he exalts; he debilitated in Pisces, the sign of Jupiter.

Mercury is the only benefic that changes color based on its conjunction in the horoscope. When with Malefic, it becomes one too. Think of Mercury as a smart kid, who knows how to survive in any circumstances, AND he wants his share of Luxury - at any cost. 

Images (c) Nasa and Drdha Monge