Meditation Technique and Tips

Meditation has been a buzzword for centuries. Several Gurus have come up with various styles, tips and techniques that can be practiced for simple mental peace, or even stretched to awaken your Kundalini Shakti. 

Recently I met someone interesting who did not believe in normal practice of meditation; normal is when you sit quietly in a pleasant surrounding and relax with deep breathing. He believed in total inner awareness, which he explained is being in meditation 'state' - all the time. I argued that all I need is some silence time, to relieve stress; he shushed me that I am 'yet' not at the level, where my "infinite wisdom can embrace the eternal possibility to harness my intentions of pure meditation through perfect silence", or something similar. As I pen it down for you, my "infinite wisdom" is still trying to figure out of what he meant.

Few years back, during my tenure at the Batman city, I bumped into a local celebrity, actually a struggling musician, as he later admitted. Manhattan is the only city I have witnessed to be proud of its craziness; you are considered an outcast if you try to behave normal. Anyways !  This musician, he walked me through his amazing journey of how he managed to get a hold on his anger and violent nature through meditation. He learned it from a local meditation expert, and was extremely fascinated about his new found treasure. He told me of how meditating on this sacred mantra has magically transformed his entire life. While I got busy explaining how 'Diksha' is an extensive practice in India, he mentioned something that completely blew me off. I reconfirmed it again, what seemed almost unbelievable for me - he had paid a ridiculous fee of $2500 to learn that mantra in a 2 day course on 'transcendental meditation'. Initially I thought he was bluffing, only to realize that he got agitated when I told him that these things are 'next to free' and he is unnecessarily defaming our eastern culture.

Initially reluctant to share the technique, he blurts it all out when I called him a liar, for misquoting the fees. It seems they are made to promise not to share the meditation technique, and the MANTRA that was supposedly unique for him. He was convinced that the Mantra will lose its power if he shared it, even with his loved ones. Everyone is destined for their OWN mantra and they have to pay similar amount (sometimes discounted for early birds) to get their custom-made sacred mantra. That really got my undivided attention and though unethical I pushed him hard for the mantra; I even insisted to pay for his coffee, before he gave up and shared it.

A syllable from Durga Saptashati, that was it - The MANTRA. Nothing more, Nothing less. 

Mantras have tremendous power, I agree, just never knew they have a price tag.

Technique is to simply recite the 'mantra' and relax; without trying to suffocate your mind, try to bring it back on the mantra. 20 mins morning, 20 mins evening, and you are blessed for life. Poor guy thought the mantra was designed specifically for him, so I refrained from bursting his bubble, but surely warned him not to try to get a patent on the mantra, as that would be heart-wrenching. I did gave him a sorry hug, and paid for his coffee.Yeah, I know I am generous !

It is for the unique mantra it seems, that they are charge so much. Amazing - isn't it !

Note - A good friend called after reading the post, he believes that it was because of the hefty fee, that Mr. Musician continued with the meditation. If it was free, he would have considered it feeble or powerless, and might not have taken it seriously. Interesting !

The Meditation technique no doubt is simple, easy, time-tested and has been followed from generations. If you sit in silence for 20 min each, morning and evening, imagine the positive vibrations you will have for whole day.

Same is what I suggest - Start with 5 to 10 mins daily and adjust it slowly. You already know the secret of the mantra - pick up any word you like, preferably a soft syllable from Durga Saptashati or even 'Om'. Contact me if you need a mantra to meditate - Its Free for early birds ! Chant it with slow deep breathing and feel the vibrations. Concentrate on subtle vibrations - you will be delighted by the beautiful sensation. Not even a single bit of struggle, let the mantra float on your breath. Initially it's not as easy as it sounds, but eventually its not as difficult as you think.

Great if you can meditate in Asana, if not - start by meditating in any comfortable position. I have personally witnessed even Yoga-Nidra to do wonders for many. It's all about 'letting-go' of everything on your mind, with slow breathing and chanting any pleasant sounding word.

I was told that similar is 'soham', preached by art of living. They are all the same it seems - Sit in silence for 10 mins morning and 10 mins evening, and it works like a wonder drug. 

The technique has been practiced by seers from thousand of years, and the results you will notice in few days. 

The recipe for stress release comes to you - free of cost. 

Live Life Karma Friendly !