Mars in Astrology

Mars (Mangal) - Commander-in-Chief of Planetary Kingdom, Mars signifies courage, actions, valor, brothers, cops, army, weapons, explosives, desires and libido. 

Mars is the planets of Surgeons, Engineers, Real estate dealers, builders, army executives, fire departments, and sports stars. 

Short temperament, aggression, violence and cruelty could indicate both an afflicted or Strong Mars. Depending on the placement in the chart, debilitated Mars could give one sexual addictions. 

Mars is a planet of passion, drive, high energy, enthusiasm and vitality, so is a dominant planet in horoscopes of highly successful individuals.

The energy of strong Mars needs to be controlled and channeled in right direction, else can be disastrous. Adolf Hitler had Sun and Mar together in Aries, but what really made him a beast was the impact of the Sun and Mars together on two conjunct planets - ME and VE.

Mars the planet of Youth, relates to Kartikeya - The Hindu lord of War, and the commander of army of the Devas.

Aries is his Mool Trikona Sign, where you would find him full of excitement and enthusiasm; In Scorpio, his other sign, he gets comfy and in relaxed mood. Capricorn he exalts and Cancer he debilitates.

Images (c) Nasa and Drdha Monge