Mantra - Energy Powerhouse

They are Mighty, Sacred and Effective. They Work.

The word "mantra" is derived from "manas" meaning mind and "trai" meaning 'set free from' Therefore, the word mantra in its literal sense means 'set free from the mind'.

Every word, however medium, produces physical vibrations. The vibrations happen both in our physical body and surroundings, which overtime accumulate into outcomes. Mantra is conglomeration of very powerful syllables or words and sounds that could create extremely profound and dramatic result. Two major factors that drive the outcome - Correct pronunciation and focused intent. The physical vibrations coupled with a strong mental intent create influential results.

How Mantras create such a potent influence on human body, mind and soul ?

First understand two basic concepts - Cosmic Energy and Vibrations

Cosmic Energy -  Scriptures suggest that human body is made of five essential elements or the 'Pancha Tatva' - Earth (Bhumi), Water (Jal), Fire (Agni), Air (Pavan) and Sky or Void (Akash). Not only human body, entire  creation (Srishti) is build up of the five elements of nature, thereby balancing the cycle of nature.

Energy is what binds the five elements together in human body. Call it cosmic energy or spiritual energy or 'Prana'. Soul carries the energy when it enters physical body and the energy leaves with the soul, leaving lifeless body behind. Human body then decomposes back to its five elements, and soul continues on its journey to Moksha or Freedom.

Kundalini, they say is awakening the spiritual energy, but the energy is ubiquitous, it only needs to be balanced. The balance can be achieved through meditation, pranayam breathing, yoga and chanting of mantras.

Vibrations - Quantum physics and string theory is last few years discovered that entire universe is nothing but vibrations. Interestingly, the concept has been mentioned in Vedas and taught in vedic school from thousands of years.

Everything is vibrating in nature, even the laptop or phone in front of you is made is made of molecules.  Molecules are made of atoms and atoms in turn are made of electron particles spinning around the nucleus. These particles are vibrations in subatomic world, along with other particles like protons and quarks. Imagine this vibration as a moment, like a wave over the water surface or an oscillation recorded on a screen.

You physical body is billions of vibration, so imagine self as a spectrum of energy.  Your voice is a vibration; your thought, heartbeat, moment and even your silence is a vibration. You communicate through vibrations and you interact with the cosmos through vibrations.

Put the two concept together with the definition of Mantra, and it will be crystal clear.

Why do Mantras serve as most effective remedy in vedic astrology ?

Mantra chanting will create powerful vibrations that will over time override any negative vibrations in body and mind, getting absorbed by the mantra. After a prolonged chanting of Mantra, the power of mantra vibrations will quiescent even the most subtle negative vibrations. Ultimately, the body, mind and soul will vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy represented by the mantra.

How does the Power of Mantras feel like ?

Toddlers often try to touch your hot-tea mug and you warn them with words like 'Ta Ta' 'Noooo' or 'Hot', but only after they get a feel of it that the words start to make sense. They then pick any of these words to describe hot. Its not the word for them, but the sensation, that resonates with high temperature.

Similarly you will hear several words of the sensation of Mantras, but once you feel it - who knows you might come up with your own unique definition.

"Just as, when we touch a live wire, the electric force infuses itself into our body, when we deeply meditate on God the power of the whole universe seeks entry into our personality."  - Swami Krishnananda

Mantras are tangible and extremely effective, but never ignore the fact that few mantras are dangerous as well, if done without correct guidance or supervision. Not all mantras are unsafe but still its a safe bet to take it from a Guru or someone who knows about it.

Mantras are from the Vedas and every Mantra track backs to a specific Seer, the originator of the mantra. 

Another article on 'Beej Mantras' will be published soon.