Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter (Vrahaspati or Guru) - Minister of planetary kingdom, Jupiter signifies intellect, honesty, happiness, abundance, wealth, generosity, philosophy, wisdom and morality.

Jupiter has a big belly and broad chest; Dressed in golden yellow, he stands huge signifying growth and expansion. No other planet can bestow such name, fame and success as Jupiter, eminent for his benevolence.

His intellect is stable, subtle and refined unlike Mercury, where the intellect is suave and diplomatic.

Son of great sage Maharishi Angira, he is the preceptor of the Gods (Devatas). Egyptian call him 'Ammon', Romans 'Jupiter' and Greeks worship him as 'Zeus'.

Jupiter's position carries a lot of significance in a female horoscope as it rules marital bliss, spouse and progeny. Afflicted Jupiter can cause havoc, depending on the afflictions and its placement in navamsha.

Jupiter is in most benevolent mood in Sagittarius, his mool trikona Sign, where he makes effort to bestow; in his other sign Pisces, though he is benefic, he gets all comfy and relaxed. He exalts in Cancer, strangely enough in the sign of Moon, who eloped with his wife; he debilitates in Capricorn, again strangely enough in sign of spiritual planet Saturn.

That makes you wonder, if someone elopes with your wife, is he really an enemy ? Jupiter offcourse is happy with Moon. 

Most benefic of all planets, his conjunction or aspect can even save one from the gaze of lord Saturn. Point to remember here is that Jupiter is the planet for expansion, whereas Saturn signifies restrictions and curtailment; their placement together or mutual aspect can cause a contradictory disposition in the native.

Image (c) Nasa and Drdha Monge