Combustion of Planets

Combustion (Dagdha or Moudhya) - Planets within certain degree from the Sun are considered combust in vedic astrology.

The impact of Planet or generosity is directly proportional to it's position in the sky, and consequently in the horoscope. If the planet is well-disposed, unafflicted and uninfluenced, it's like the king on the throne, with ultimate power, both to giveaway or rip one off. The support or blemish from its position and affiliation with other planets daubs it's overall effect to a great extent.

Sun is not a planet but a star, and source of light and energy to its planets. Same fire that cooks can also burn the house, so is the effect of Sun when planets comes close to sun (relative to earth). The planet under the influence of Sun, loses its brilliance, vigor and power to influence.

Natural significance of the combusted planet is tarnished, along with the significance of the house it lords. The houses suffers because their lord is combusted, and sometime lose their significance to the house lorded by Sun.

For Example - There was a chart where Lagna lord Mercury was within a degree from the Sun and hence deeply combust. Lagna lord combusted by 3rd lord, the native lived his entire life under dominance of hard-headed siblings. 

Others factor equal, the karatatwa of the planet certainly get sullied down by combustion and the effects though prevail for lifetime, are strongly felt during the dasha of the planet.

Planets within certain degree of the Sun get combusted - Mercury within 14 degree (12 when retrograde); Venus within 10 degrees (8 when retrograde); Mars within 17 degree; Jupiter within 11 degree; Saturn within 15 degrees.

For all practical purposes, if we consider Mercury combust within 14 degree, half of the horoscope will have combust Mercury, since the farthest it can sway away from Sun is 28 degrees. 

Within 5 degree combustion should be considered severe, else it should be taken as one of factors impacting the planet.

Its a very wrong notion that planets are only combusted when in same Sign as Sun. The lines dividing the zodiac into 12 signs are IMAGINARY lines; when the planet is within few degree from the Sun - there is no China wall in between to protect it.

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