Badhaka Badhakesh Badhakasthana

Badhaka comes from word 'badha' meaning Obstacles. Different schools of thought have contradictory opinion on the concept of Badhaka, and the area it impacts. Many prefer to ignore it while analyzing the charts.

Badhakasthana is the house Badhaka is positioned for specific lagna and Badhakesh is the lord of Badhakasthana.

BPHS has mentioned about Badhaka but the concept is strongly propounded by Varaha Mihira.

When the ascendant falls in Mobile sign(Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn)  - badhakasthana is 11th house and badhakesh is 11th Lord; for ascendant in fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) - 9th house and 9th Lord become badhakasthana and badhakesh; for ascendant in dual sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) - 7th house and 7th Lord are considered as badhakasthana and badhakesh.

How does badhaka impacts the native ?

 - Planet placed in the Badhaka house faces obstacles in its karatatwa, and cause problems in the area signified by the houses under it's lordship.

- House where badhaka lord is positioned and aspects suffer from obstacles in the matter signified by the house.

 - The planets associated (aspect or conjunction) with the badhakesh and badhakasthana will suffer in respect to the significance of it's lordships.

There are two contrary opinions on the essence that badhaka impacts. One school of thought strongly feels that it creates obstacles in worldly pursuits, whereas another school believes that badhaka in fact brings one closer to the material world, creating badha in spiritual liberation. 

Badhaka anyways is like hurdles in a race, which only creates obstacles and causes delays. It never deprives one of the outcomes. 

Badhaka impacts one only during the running dasha of badhaka or badhakesh, otherwise it has no effect on overall horoscope.

Why so many are against the concept of Badhaka ?

- For fixed signs the 9th house becomes the Badhaksthan and the 9th lord the Badhakesh but 9th house is the strongest trinal house and thus a very benefic house - so how can it create obstacles ?

- For Leo and Aquarius lagna, Mars and Venus are the Yogakarak planets but also badhakesh since they lord the 9th house for fixed sign; Will the planets be benefic being yogakarak or malefic being badhakesh, or neutral ?

- For dual sign the badhaka planet is already afflicted by KendraPati Dosha - so which of the two is creating obstacles ? Go Figure !

Personally I have never found badhaka to be the only factor creating obstacles for any planet - there are always other players involved. 

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