Counsel Sessions - Funny (or Not)

Analyzing birth chart of a professionally-well-established lass, I asked her,

"Tell me about your relationships, in general ?"

She exploded of how inspite her being so caring, considerate and nurturing, the cold heart b****** from Mars have only drained her physically and emotionally.

"In general please, how do you feel about people in your vicinity", I asked.

"Oh my bosses have always been so fussy, and even my colleagues not to mention are usually pain-in-the-arse" she snorted "Parents could have been a little more co-operative and should have atleast made sincere efforts to understand my feelings, but always too occupied in their lives" she tried to sigh, "I have a younger sister, who is very sweet, I share everything with her, and she always encourages me."

For a second, I felt pity on her younger sister, but then the thought made me smile that may be some day she will evolve as a counselor.

I listened to her for almost about 20 minutes, as she poured out her hatred and her outlook on the 'disgusted creatures creeping this planet' - we call them humans.

She got really annoyed when I started to interfere her with my stupid questions, like "Is there slightest possibility that others may not be an issue?", or "While we analyze your horoscope, do we scope for introspection?"; but it's only after I asked her "What EXACT solution do you need from me?" that she flipped out and departed, throwing me one final look of "You are also one of them". 

Damm ! Thats the first question I should have asked her. 

Two kind of individuals are extremely difficult to help -

1) Those who don't believe in a solution. Happy or not, they dont want to get out of their status quo. They are comfortable with their miseries, yet can't stop yapping about it, day and night, of how unfair God has been to them.

2) Self centered individuals, who like most North Americans don't know the meaning of 'Rest of the world'. Its all about them and always about them.

I have a list of these encounters that I will keep posting. They are funny, scary and sometimes deeply motivating.

Another lass with recent breakup approached me for astrology advice. I helped her for some time, until one fine day I got a text from her, that she's planning to commit suicide because she got dumped 'again', by the 'same' guy - 'third' time in a row. Well, another text followed the next day, that she had send same 'suicide text' to that guy also, and now they are back together - because he got scared. 

Funny ? Scary ? I dont know but I so laughed at her boyfriend. 

I am sure they will get married one day and lead a wonderful life. What do you think ?