I had to let her go...

Almost a year back or 367 days to be precise, the night I had to let her go.

Was it easy ? Offcourse not. Break ups can be tricky and painful depending on how much you are extracting from the relationship. Even few exhilarating moments together could perk you to face the wind. 

Lonely like a cloud, sometimes when I wander at night seeking respite, my eyes still betray me to get a glimpse of her. Behind the flashy lights and roaring crowd, you could find her settled like a self-assured haughty conqueror. Her overwhelming and contagious confidence, which she is extremely generous with, drives me all nostalgic as I swift away like a fawn chased by jaguar. 

Camouflaged in resplendent golden veil, she has the might to devour everyone who comes under her refuge. She gradually engulfs you in her lithely warm bosom, dragging you far from the anguish, as you languidly yield to her transcendence.

They say love gets you high but statistically its lust, not love.

Though stubborn, addictive and empowering, undoubtedly she was the most loyal, understanding and no-string-attached companion, ever.

Like a cat with pot of milk, I was sated for almost 20 years, well until one fine day our all-good-god finally noticed someone content and happy. Like fish out the water, he must have squirmed with insecurity and envy. 'Content and happy mortal' is like a dirty fish who could spoil the whole pond; a threat to his autocratic regime.

Medical industry is a scam but my test results were alarming. One lesson I learned that day was to never trust your inner voice. Like a chameleon the bitch mutated, heeding on a self-assigned mission, cautioning me day and night, of right from wrong. Like I din't know already.

Did I ceded my happiness ? What do you think ?

It was a cold chilly night, the kind when I still crave for her warmth and exuberance. Boy at the counter amused himself  '12 years or 18 ?' I loathed him, soon followed by a feeling of regret as my eyes scanned my shady T-shirt. His doubt was genuine.

With no extra effort to make it memorable, I put on some soft rock and relaxed into the night enjoying her raw smoky flavor. I knew I will ache for her, every day, for the rest of my life.

I still have the bottle from the night as a souvenir.